Concrete Sealing And Refinishing

Prerequisites Of Concrete Sealing And Refinishing

Our company in Savannah GA is a concrete restoration company that specialises in commercial and multi-use structural restoration, repair, and rehabilitation, as well as concrete protection, waterproofing, coatings, and decorative additions. For more than three decades, we have supplied specialised contracting services to clients. We only work with the most experienced personnel, the finest materials, and the most cutting-edge procedures. In our ability to identify high-value solutions to our client’s demands, we take great pride, and we look forward to bringing the same level of value to your organisation.

You must have heard of sealing up and refinishing floors or walls or rooftops made up of concrete at the time of maintenance or renovation of the home. Regularly sealed concrete can maintain its useful life and durability for many decades to come. The exterior surface of the walls and flooring must be protected from extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and severe wear and tear. This is mostly done through sealing. While refinishing is about giving it a look as good as the new one.

Most households in small developing cities like Savannah GA, Atlanta, Macon, etc have huge households that require annual sealing and refinishing. Thus, there is no surprise that our most target customers and projects both come from such neighbourhoods. However, such procedures are not easy to do, which is why we have a certain sequential procedure to do the work that requires sealing and refinishing. What are those steps? Here is the answer to that question:

Cleaning and repairing damage to existing concrete surfaces to get smooth texture: No matter what surface needs to get sealed or which sealer is being used, the first step in the process is always to thoroughly prepare the surface for sealing thorough cleaning.

Check the condition of the concrete surface: After some good strong cleaning of the outer surface or and thorough scrubbing and cleaning of the inner surface. Some surfaces may need to be cleaned with sandpaper or require polish until they are completely smooth before the sealer can adhere properly.

If a sealer has been applied to the concrete before it shall be removed before applying a new sealer: We as specialists in the field, recommend removing the pre-existing sealing material from the surface before resealing it.

If the area is damaged, it shall be repaired first: the concrete surface must be repaired before using any sealer or refinishing. Also, the surface needs to be dry and smooth. Once you have a smooth, clean, and dry surface ready to use, you are almost ready to use the sealer.

How shall a concrete sealer be applied?

The most important step is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the recommendatory number of coatings. What kind of equipment to be used, whether rollers or sprayers should be used for the applying, and the required drying time for a cure. Typically the cure time is 12 days, and most sealants will require two coats.

We as concrete services providers also hire the best experts and engineers that have the best knowledge regarding how to perform these procedures to give the best results in longer durations.

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