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We are concrete Contractor Savannah, GA. Our team at Concrete Guys Savannah GA  is highly equipped and works with some of the most skilled workers in Savannah. We work on both commercial and residential properties in Savannah. When you want a company that undertakes all aspects of the concrete construction, call us. We are considered among the best in the industry for the quality of work we provide and our craftsmanship. We understand how important it can be to build durable concrete structures that stay the same for ages.

Concrete Guys Savannah GA provides professional concrete Contractor Savannah services throughout Savannah and its surrounding areas. These services include: Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks, Stamped & Decorative Patio Concrete,  Floors, Walls and Slabs. We work towards achieving perfection and satisfying our customers with quality construction. We have completed some of the best concrete structures in Savannah. Our team understands what it means to build solid structures with quality materials. For more details or a free quote give us a call today.

Residential Concrete Services

We provide all kinds of residential concrete services, no matter how big or small. From the smallest of concrete repairs, such as redoing part of the driveway that has been damaged by tree roots to completely installing a driveway from scratch. Our residential concrete services ensure you get the best quality services for your house and increase the curb appeal of your place.

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks & Walkways

We install sidewalks, and walkways for your front or backyard. When you want something that is beautiful, represents you and makes you feel good about yourself then hire a team that can help. We are concrete Contractor Savannah that take every project seriously. We ensure you get what you have paid for. You will love the end result whether it is sidewalks, or walkways in your residential property.

Concrete Driveway


We install driveways for your house that stand out in the best way possible. Whether you want a simple grey driveway or something more vibrant like a driveway made of decorative concrete, come to us.

We are highly capable of installing the best quality concrete that looks great and stays the same for more than 20 years.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

When you want concrete patios that enhance the aesthetic value of your property, as well as property value in general, let us know. We make the best looking concrete patios that match the overall look of your house.

Having a beautiful patio is an obvious plus for any residential property. When you want the outside of your property to match the way it looks from inside, then hire a professional patio expert.

Commercial Concrete Services

We are one of the most trusted concrete Contractor Savannah for commercial properties in Savannah, GA. We have worked for commercial places such as schools, hotels, corporate offices, parks, and more. Our team makes the best commercial concrete construction so you get the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Our clients have highly appreciated the kind of work we provide and recommend us to anyone looking for commercial concrete services.

Warehouse Concrete Floor

Warehouse Floor

Warehouse floors need to be sturdy so they don’t crack or deteriorate from heavy weight falling on it. We have experience installing warehouse floors for all kinds of warehouses.

We can install floors for storage warehouses, production industries, cold storages and more.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

We do all kinds of commercial construction from pouring concrete for foundations to paving driveways, parking lots or walkways.

We have all sizes of concrete pouring machines, concrete mixing machines, concrete leveling equipment and more. 

Commercial Driveway

Commercial Driveway

Our commercial clients need durable storage spaces that can withstand daily foot, equipment, and material traffic.

We can easily install, repair, or upgrade your storage building concrete surfaces to perfectly suit your operations.

Parking Lot Paving

Parking Lot Paving

Parking lots are an important part of a commercial property. When you want a parking lot paved by experts, we are the people you can rely on. We have years of experience in paving parking lots of various commercial properties. We are fast and effective in paving parking lots that are durable. We understand the need to have a sturdy parking lot that is built with proper planning.

Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving And Roads

We are expert concrete pavers for commercial roads and walkways. The right kind of walkway will smooth traffic and make it a better experience for the walkers as well as drivers.

As a commercial property, keeping the parking lot at it’s best will not put a good impression on your business but also help you avoid lawsuits in case of accidents due to poor paved roads.



Parks have walkways, or concrete paved areas, basketball courts, or other sports curts, skateboard ramps, etc. We will provide a complete solution for all your public concrete construction needs.

If you are a public park caretaker, we can show all the unique ways we can uplift the walkways to make it attractive to the visitors.



When you want to enhance the look of your commercial landscape the right kind of curbing could be the key.

We use decorative concrete to build that unique look for your concrete curb.

ADA Ramps

ADA Ramps

Ada ramps are a necessity both by building codes as well as a caring business owner. It helps both your employees and customers. We have the right training in building ADA ramps for all kinds of commercial buildings. If you want to replace the existing ADA ramp or want to build a brand new one, we can do noth. Let us know when you want an ADA ramp built.


Excavation And Replacement

Any concrete slab, driveway, paving, parking lot might need excavation for various reasons. Maybe you want to replace the paving because it is damaged, you want to build something else in its place or some other reason. We have the right equipment for excavation and also provide replacement services for various concrete structures.

Why Is Concrete The Best Material?

Concrete is one of the most used construction materials in the world. Whether you are building a bridge or a multiple storied building, concrete is the preferred material for engineers and architects. Concrete has gained its popularity because of many factors. The most important being strength and durability. When paired with metal support, concrete structures become indestructible. They have stayed the same for decades. They are fire resistant and cheap. Working with concrete is much easier since it cures steadility. The concrete slurry can be molded to any shape. It is perfect for building the biggest to the smallest of structures.

With the rise of decorative concrete, concrete staining, and stamping, concrete can now also be transformed into aesthetically pleasing landscape features. This makes concrete a highly versatile material.

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Why Choose Us ?

When you are choosing a local concrete contractor for your concrete structures there are a lot of things to consider. Their reputation, pricing, customer service, work scope, and more. Concrete Guys Savannah GA gives you all the right reasons to choose us. No matter what your concrete needs are, we will fulfill them for you.

Tick Mark Icon Professional Staff

We have a highly trained staff who have experience and certification in their respective fields. Our staff gives equipment knowledge and on site training to perfect their skills.

You can be assured you are getting the best people to do your job when you hire Concrete Guys Savannah GA.

Tick Mark Icon Quality Work

We maintain quality in both the work we provide as well as the products we use. Our products are locally manufactured so you get the best quality in the market. We are one of the most resourceful concrete contractor Savannah, having good connections with cement, sand and other raw material dealers, who get the best quality material without fail.

Tick Mark Icon Timely Work

Concrete Guys Savannah GA does timely work unlike many concrete Contractor Savannah who will take far more time than estimated initially. Our supervisors look over the whole project, making sure things are done on time. No matter how complicated a project is, you can rely on us to give you timely work without compromising on the quality. We will come on the scheduled time, and work within the time frame, ensuring compliances are followed as well.

Tick Mark Icon Affordable

You can rely on us for affordable services. None of our services are higher cost than what is reasonable.

Both products and services are reasonably priced so you get the best quality material at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questios

How Long Does It Take For Concrete To Cure?

Your concrete can cure in a short amount of time. After anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, your concrete should be strong enough to walk on without leaving tracks. Your concrete should be cured to at least 70% of its full strength after seven days. You should be able to drive on it without causing damage, though you should avoid rolling large equipment over it. You can treat your concrete as fully hardened after 28 days.

Is concrete the right choice for a patio?

Concrete patios provide a higher level of aesthetic freedom, allowing you to create a finished product that integrates with the rest of your space. If you choose a patio material such as wood, you’ll find it more challenging to be creative with your design.

How to maintain your concrete paving?

The finest actions you can take to maintain your concrete driveway looking its best are to clean it on a regular basis and to keep it sealed. The frequency with which you clean and reseal your concrete will be determined by the weather conditions and the quantity of vehicle traffic it receives.

What to do with cracking concrete?

Sealing material such as mortar or epoxy mix can help prevent the concrete from cracking further. Hiring professionals for concrete repair is the best option.

How do you know if you are getting what YOU're PAYING FOR concrete ?


The yield is the real indicator. This refers to the volume of concrete produced using the actual batch quantities for cement, water, and aggregates. To determine the yield of ready-mixed concrete, a sample can be used for the unit weight test. This simple calculation requires that all materials be weighed. The producer can provide the total weight information. Concrete producers often over-extend their yield by approximately 1/2 percent in order to ensure they don’t under-deliver to customers. Other producers might not realize that a mix made for 1 cubic yard may only yield 26.5 cubic yards or 98% of the product they intended.

What decorative finishes can you apply to concrete surfaces?

Concrete can be colored by adding color to it by adding pigments before or after it is placed. This may include using white cement instead of conventional gray cement or chemical stains. You can get textured finishes that range from a smooth finish to gravel’s roughness.

To resemble brick, stone or tile paving, you can score, stamp, roll, or inlay geometric patterns into concrete. You can also create interesting patterns by using divider strips (commonly made of redwood) to make panels in various sizes and shapes, such as square, circular, or diamond.Concrete can be made slip-resistant and sparkling using special techniques.

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The guys over at Concrete Guys Savannah GA really did a fantastic job with our backyard patio. From start to finish they were extremely helpful, convenient and very effective at communicating any issues or delays. Overall quick and clean service, great workers and a pleasant experience from the initial phone call to the final payout.

– Jerry

Everything about this process was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. The meeting and estimates were quick and thorough. They were knowledgeable, listened to what we wanted, and was easy to contact for questions. The whole driveway was done in one day and it looks phenomenal.

– Mark

I would definitely use
Concrete Guys Savannah GA  again. Their team was knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. I could already tell based on our first conversation that I had found the right company for the job. Not only was the job completed promptly but I received a follow-up afterward to make sure I was satisfied.

– William

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